Do you know what goes on in the Shipping Industry?

The shipping industry has always been an industry in motion. But currently a lot of things have changed and will be changing during the coming months.
This creates both challenges and opportunities.

One of the most important reason for the capacity problems and rising prices was the Hanjin collapse. The major service provider went bankrupt mainly because the intense competition. The remaining shipping lines will enter new alliance formations. Responding to the crises within the industry a possible solution will be that these strategic alliances share expertise and markets.

Nobody knows what the exact outcome will be but what everybody is experiencing is lack of capacity and higher prices. The base rates for the industry are bound to be volatile for the next months. A good way to keep up with the right trends is to let a reliable partner arrange your sea freights. If your forwarders do not have the right information on all the mergers, acquisitions and price changes you might be having troubles in the near futures. Be smart and choose your partner careful!

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