3 Questions to ask yourself when you are shipping containers.

Why waste time? We take pride in fast routings! Do you want to receive the shipping documents right after departure? All documents are sent with traceable service within a week. Because a shipping documents should never cause any delays! Do you want your containers shipped without transhipsments? Does your cargo need proper loading? We make…

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Warehouse Storage Checklist

Need more warehouse storage? 5-Step Warehouse Storage Checklist

  Look for a warehouse than can provide you the following things! Maximized protection of all items Every specific type of cargo needs a specific type of protection in order to be effective. Protection is also a cost, since it will cost labor to apply. Make sure you check if your warehouse is protecting your…

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5 Transport mistakes you want to avoid

Avoid these 5 transport mistakes:   We believe that costs for transportation of your goods should be done as cost efficient as possible.  It can be done! However it’s a complex process which requires specific and extended knowledge. Here is sneak preview in our knowledge for you. Make sure you prevent these 5 transport mistakes…

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Air Transport Checklist

This is what you should get from your forwarder when handling your air transport:   Direct flights Only Cargo transfer between flights increase your risk for cargo damage during the transfer handling. It also increases the risk of delays at the point of transfer. you can be prevent this by making sure your forwarder only…

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Hazardous goods handling in your warehouse: This is what you have to check.

Unfortunately, small accidents happen. Big accidents happen too. So do cargo damage and delays in outbound cargo traffic, they are real and always a present risk. This is even more true if you have hazardous goods handling in your warehouse. It can be a matter of bad luck. But more likely it’s a matter of the right…

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