Customs clearance

No border stays closed

Customs are involved as soon as freight leaves the country. This often entails a lot of paperwork and arranging documents. VN Logistics can take care of all this for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And, that’s pretty convenient, to say the least.


Goods entering or leaving Europe have to be cleared with customs. VN Logistics takes care of the entire process for you. We have excellent contacts with the customs authorities and have the right software to electronically complete all formalities.

Fiscal justification

VN Logistics provides fiscal justification for non-EU companies. If your company does not have a Dutch VAT number, you can have your goods imported by VN Logistics. Fiscal justification means you will not pay VAT for the imports and we will take care of your import duties in the entire European Union.

Import duty optimisation

You are liable for import duties when importing goods. Smart application of the law enables us to ensure that the optimum rates apply.

Bonded warehouse

Our modern warehouse is bonded. This provides you with unlimited storage for non-EU goods. You only pay import duties once you engage in further transport around Europe.

AEO certified

Stringent checks at borders can waste a lot of time. Opting for an AEO certified transport company provides convenience and speed. VN Logistics is AEO certified. This means you can be certain of fast, meticulous customs processing.


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