Hazardous goods handling in your warehouse: This is what you have to check.

Unfortunately, small accidents happen. Big accidents happen too. So do cargo damage and delays in outbound cargo traffic, they are real and always a present risk. This is even more true if you have hazardous goods handling in your warehouse. It can be a matter of bad luck. But more likely it’s a matter of the right focus on the right factor’s on the right moment. This is what you need to have in order if hazardous goods are handled in your warehouse.

  • Why your warehouse needs the right procedures and works according the current regulations:

    Procedures are made to ensure your company requirements are met in your warehouse. Your requirements for safety, to prevent cargo damage, to ensure correct and punctual delivery of goods from your warehouse. Meeting all of these requirements is what makes procedures right. Make sure your warehouse is operating the right procedures for your cargo and your organisation requirements. 

  • Why your staff needs to be certified for handling dangerous goods:

    The Storage and transport of dangerous goods is a complex practice. It requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations. And with staff that is certified you know that these employees understand Dangerous Goods Regulations.

  • Why the people in the warehouse need the have the knowledge and skills for dealing with the transportation and security of hazardous materials/dangerous goods:

    Only proper trained staff is able to successful apply rules concerning the transport and storage of dangerous goods. Trained staff with the right knowledge and skills know about the risks involved and how to work with these risks. And without training it is extreme difficult to achieve a detailed understanding of the Regulations.

  • Why some hazardous goods need to be stored separately:

    Many dangerous goods are incompatible with other substances. Knowing this is one thing, working in a way that ensures that these substances are safely and separately stored is something else. It is a LEGAL requirement that dangerous goods which are not compatible with other substances are stored and handled separately. You do not want the have interaction that creates serious risks for incidents. A good warehouse and organization knows this and uses an barrier or a suitable separation distance to avoid problems.

  • Why your documentation shall be up-to-date and available to staff at all locations to enable them to perform their role in the quality system:

    The people in the warehouse should be aware of the cargo and goods that are stored at any minute. Nobody expects an incident involving dangerous goods but in case it happens, you better be prepared. Having precautionary statements near the dangerous goods everybody knows that to do when an incident happens. And with proper Work Instruction Cards every employee, even those who are less trained, can follow instruction. Avoid a surprise and have your documentation complete.