What defines a good partner for your International shipments?

It's not always easy to find the logistics service partner that suits your company, right? Your partner needs to be able to fill in all your logistic needs at your convenience in a pro-active matter. If your partner is a huge mammoth organization you will end up being a number, always searching for the right contactperson. If it's to small you might encounter some problems because their logistical span of control is just not big enough.

Top 5 Check Points to screen your partner

  1. Your partner takes time to get to know both your organisation ánd the goods that need to be shipped.
    Ask yourself: How well does my partner know us? How does this show in your situation?
  2. A good partner has his own agents in the countries of origin. This makes him able to handle your international affairs on a national, local level.
    Ask yourself: Which countries of origin apply to us? Does our partner have local agents in these areas?
  3. Make sure your partner has contracts with all major shipping lines and that the provided rates are valid for all shipping lines.
    Ask yourself: Does my partner have all these contracts? Did we check this?
  4. Furthermore, upon arrival all container releases are received automatically and available for collection because of these contracts.
    Ask youself:  Are all container releases received automatically after arrival, to avoid delays and to work as time efficient as possible?
  5. A good partner knows the status off your shipment at all time. If a partner doesn't know your current shipment status it can only mean one thing: they are NOT hands-on following and managing your shipment. Beware! Herein lies the risk of incurring unexpected delays or costs.
    Ask yourself: When I inquire about the current shipment status, can my partner provide me with a contemporary answer?


Note: We love to get the opportunity to show you how we actually meet all these criteria. If you want us to, contact us here.

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