Need more warehouse storage? 5-Step Warehouse Storage Checklist

Warehouse Storage Checklist

Look for a warehouse than can provide you the following things!

Maximized protection of all items

Every specific type of cargo needs a specific type of protection in order to be effective. Protection is also a cost, since it will cost labor to apply. Make sure you check if your warehouse is protecting your cargo both effective and efficient because at the end of the day, the result of their cargo protection choices will effect your bill.

Photo confirmations for each in- & outbound order

A clear photo says more than a thousand words. A photo is not subject to problems with language and translations. A photo of inbound or outbound cargo isn’t just a 100% clear communication statement, it also illustrates the absence or existence of cargo damage at the point of entry or exit.

Monthly Inventory Counts

The basic rule for preventing stockleakage is a regular inventory count. Every warehouse should do this. Basically it’s one of the main and most easy to apply criteria for you to judge a warehouse by. It’s a best practise on it’s own but in fact it shows you how organized a warehouse truly is.

Organizational structure and proper procedures

Each order, both in- and outgoing, should be handled in the same way. That’s why it’s important that warehouses have proper work instruction that everybody follows. Avoid having your cargo handled differently each time. If it’s stored in a different way, it will arrive at the customer in a different way.

Knowledgeable staff

Employees with the proper training an education know how to handle each product that can be found in the warehouse. It’s important that the people working with your goods know your goods. Handle with care and handle it under every circumstance. Never allow that unqualified employees cause issues that could be avoided with good, motivated and knowledgeable staff members.

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