What is important when you have just one – or maybe a few – pallets to transport?

With smaller order almost everybody used transport that go with combined truck loads (LTL). These Less-than-truckload (LTL) transports are much cheaper than using a dedicated truck. However, most companies do not take possible delivery problems into account.

One of these mistakes is believing that your pallets are delivered according to expectation. Unless specifically identified as a delivery guarantee, a delivery schedule is subject to change.
Traffic, other unloading places where time is lost or just a too tight schedule.

Keep yourself informed during the transport is key!

Being efficient means validating the delivery details. The right address, openings hours, date and time of delivery, unloading references and a contact person. Incorrect data can quickly add up to substantial costs if the information is incorrect. Also, try to find out how quickly your customers need a product delivered, and use this information to select the best service level, considering the difference between estimated and guaranteed delivery concurrently.

Correct weights and sizes of shipments

Besides the information for delivery you should also correctly estimate the weights and sizes of shipments. This is probable the most common error made. Check how much you order to ship.
This helps to eliminate errors before they occur. One loading meter can mean the world. You do not want the have your pallets left because you forgot to check all cargo.

The list with point goes on but if you have the right partner you do not have to deal with it. When you are dealing with it, consider a new partner that cares and can help you with Less-than-truckload.

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