Perhaps rail transport for containers is your solution. This is the Top 3 benefits.

If you have containers that need to go the distance, taking the train can be the solution. Why truck your container for the extend of hundreds of miles. You end up paying for every mile. And that’s not the only benefit! Let me name the most important ones!

Benefits of rail transport for containers:


1)      There is no traffic on the rails, all schedules can be maintained better.

There are traffic jams on the road, almost every day and almost everywhere. This problem will only get bigger in the future. It makes sense to anticipate on this if you can, right?

2)  Rail has a strong safety record. Your cargo is safe!

Cargo damage causes a lot of extra costs. It creates extra paperwork when handling cargo damage and even liability issues. Prevention is key here. 

3)  Suitable for Bulky and Heavy Goods.

You know that the means of transport that is most suitable for a certain type of cargo, that is most likely to be the most cost efficient one. However, please note that this is subject to many variabled. If you contact us, we will be happy to make these calculations for you.

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