4 Ways to Save on your transportation costs

There are numerous ways to cut back your companies transportation costs, but where do you start?
  1. Optimizing your supply chain could be the first

    You can do it through more than one way. Each company has it’s own core strengths. Focus on those and find a way to outsource all other activities.

  2. Automate (repeating) manual work

    Another option is making sure you keep away from too much manual work. Automatization give you time to focus on business instead neat less work.

  3. Use an Inventory Management system

    For all companies that need to keep track of there inventory, use an Inventory Management system that helps you with an complete overview. Than you minimize the risk to set up urgent stock movements and costly transport because your out of stock.

  4. Go Green!

    A fourth tip would be going green. Less kilometers, going intermodal and looking critically at your occupancy rate. One out of 5 trucks is out there empty. With the right way of collaboration or strategical planning this could be reduced.