Need more warehouse storage? 5-Step Warehouse Storage Checklist

Look for a warehouse than can provide you the following things!   Maximized protection of all items Every specific type of cargo needs a specific type of protection in order to be effective. Protection is also a cost, since it will cost labor to apply. Make sure you check if your warehouse is protecting your…

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3 Questions to ask yourself when you are shipping containers.

Why waste time? We take pride in fast routings! Do you want to receive the shipping documents right after departure? All documents are sent with traceable service within a week. Because a shipping documents should never cause any delays! Do you want your containers shipped without transhipsments? Does your cargo need proper loading? We make…

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You want us to check all outgoing orders, to go out clean and dust free?

YOU WANT US TO CHECK ALL OUTGOING ORDERS, TO GO OUT CLEAN AND DUST FREE? OF COURSE WE CAN! Every month, we place over 5000 labels and all our cargo leaves in the best conditions. Need a repack, other pallets, colli picking or something else? Let us do the job for you. Storage, transfer, stock…

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Case: Setup of multi channel transport route reducing costs dramatically

  As a logistics service provider, this is how we actually reduce costs for our clients dramatically by setting up multi channel transport routes and their behalves. With our broad network we are able to set up the most complex transport chains. This means less unnecessary communication, faster transit times, better rates and all in…

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What defines a good partner for your International shipments?

It’s not always easy to find the logistics service partner that suits your company, right? Your partner needs to be able to fill in all your logistic needs at your convenience in a pro-active matter. If your partner is a huge¬†mammoth organization you will end up being a number, always searching for the right contactperson.…

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