Do you know what goes on in the Shipping Industry?

The shipping industry has always been an industry in motion. But currently a lot of things have changed and will be changing during the coming months. This creates both challenges and opportunities. One of the most important reason for the capacity problems and rising prices was the Hanjin collapse. The major service provider went bankrupt…

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Hoe maakt u transport maatwerk voor Uw klant?

Transportoplossingen Wat u ook vervoert, er is altijd een oplossing. Verschillende producten en bestemmingen vragen allemaal om een andere aanmaak. Maar hoe pak je transport aan zodat je dit op maat van de klant maakt? Dat kan door te letten op de volgende zaken: Op de hoogte zijn van klant specifieke wensen en/of eisen. Weten hoe…

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What is important when you have just one – or maybe a few – pallets to transport?

With smaller order almost everybody used transport that go with combined truck loads (LTL). These Less-than-truckload (LTL) transports are much cheaper than using a dedicated truck. However, most companies do not take possible delivery problems into account. One of these mistakes is believing that your pallets are delivered according to expectation. Unless specifically identified as a delivery…

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Which modality in your logistics pipeline is the greenest?

Carbon footprint in logistics: More and more we are discussing the carbon footprint we leave on this world. Global warming and environmental statements are the highlights of discussions during summits. But what is a carbon footprint in logistics? CO2-footprint or Carbon footprint is a standard for the emission of CO2 produced by the use of…

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Hazardous goods handling in your warehouse: This is what you have to check.

Unfortunately, small accidents happen. Big accidents happen too. So do cargo damage and delays in outbound cargo traffic, they are real and always a present risk. This is even more true if you have hazardous goods handling in your warehouse. It can be a matter of bad luck. But more likely it’s a matter of the right…

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